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everything has begun with a vision:

In his pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia the 55 years old Styx Pemberton 1886 developed a formula for a complete new and different taste.

In a century of inventions Pemberton is mixing syrup, which will become the basis for the world`s number one soft drink.


First time Jacobs` Pharmacy sells the new lemonade on May 8th: since then about 13 glasses a day, what Pembertons partner Frank M. Robinson wrote down in his books. Robinson occurred not even the name coca-cola but he developed also the bold script sign...

...not foreseeing that he gave birth to the world`s most famous trademark. As medicine against headache and exhaustion Pemberton recommends his syrup in announcements. At this time Coca-Cola is not yet bottled. The syrup is drawn from containers.


No one will ever know if it is due to Pemberton`s inventiveness or if it was a lucky coincidence that the syrup was mixed with soda, but definitely this mixture was offered as "delicious and refreshing". Maybe he is dreaming about it, but he does not recognize the magnificent future of his drink. Sick, giving up or disappointed? However Asa G. Candler purchased the rights on Coca-Cola in the years 1888 - 1891 for about 2.300$ and the company was under his lead till 1916.

first steps to world success

What Pemberton did not succeed in, Candler did. He has layed the foundation of Coca-Cola`s worldwide success. With calculated advertising and promotion he increased the sales tenfold in three years. In 1892 Candler founded the Coca-Cola Company. In 1893 "Coca-Cola" was patent pending at the US patent office as trademark. The stockholder`s risk-taking had been paid: first dividends are paid. Since then there are only good years for the shareholders. One syrup plant after the other are built and 1895 Candler reports in his annual accounts...

...that Coca-Cola is drunken all over the US. He places the rights of bottling Coca-Cola to outside and independent companies. The franchise system is founded, the basis for the worldwide spreading. The contour bottle, developed by Alexander Samuelson in 1915, is recognized in the dark. It gets a place of honor in New York`s "Museum of Modern Art". The trademark has become perfect. Advertising the slogan "Thirst knows no season" Coca-Cola has no more borders and is exported to Canada, England, Cuba and Puerto Rico.


Coca-Cola knows no borders

After Asa Chandler gave up his leading position he gave his stock to his family in 1916. 1919 the family Asa Candler sold "The Coca-Cola Company" to a syndicate leaded by Ernest Woodruff for 25 million dollars.

Four years after his father has bought the company Robert W. Woodruff became president and was in the lead for half a century. Under Woodruff`s lead the Coca-Cola Company has gotten worldwide glory. Already in 1926 he founds a special export department. Woodruff supports standardized quality and promotes bottle sale.